About BigBlue
"BigBlue" is a trademark of AMC YAHIDKY. Our organic blueberry farm was established in 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our company is blueberry manufacturer with Organic Standard and Global GAP certificates. During last 3 years, we were preparing our soil in 100% organic way to create the best environment for our plants and product of exceptional smooth, flavor and quality.

Our vision and main target is to create high quality, 100% organic blueberries using the best international practices of growing berries, high standards of social and manufacturing infrastructure on our farm and Organic Standard and Global GAP procedures and practices.
Our blueberries
Our Farm uses best quality of materials and high technologies while growing of blueberry bushes. We prepare best environment for our plants, and believe, that Organic way will show great results in the nearest future.

At "BigBlue" you can find 5 different varieties of blueberries, that enable us to harvest berries from middle of June till middle of September.

Varieties of our blueberries:


Since 2016, BigBlue organic blueberry farm worked hard to get Organic Standard Certificate and in 2018 we got right to call ourselves as organic blueberry manufacturer (yes, we got our certificate!). All details and specification of BigBlue Organic Standard certificate you can find right here.

We are looking forward and working hard to get our Global GAP certificate in 2019.

First blueberry blossom
When after long and cold winter your bushes have lots of blossom, this always makes you happy and you know, that everything goes well :)
From the bird's-eye sight
BigBlue organic blueberry farm from the air looks even more perfect, than from the ground. Every year we make new bird's-eye view photos and videos.
Blossom become berries
From middle of June till the middle of September you can taste our wonderful organic blueberries right from the field. We are looking forward to open pick'n'eat format for our clients and their families.
Phone: +38 067 673 22 99
E-mail: bigblueorganic@gmail.com or 6732299@gmail.com
Ukraine, Kyiv region, Khmelna village
Photo credits by Oleg Naumenko, all rights reserved
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